TMP Kennels is a per service company located and operates in Phoenix, Arizona. It is owned and built from dust by a pet parent and animal lover in the name of Beau Martin.

It was Martin’s effort that made the company successful for more than a decade already. It was his advocacy in protecting the lives of pets that give way for a hundreds of pets to have a comfortable home. He continues to do so, now with the growing number of friends who continue to help him.

On his free day, you could always find him walking and playing with his dogs in various parks of the city. You’d also see him standing in almost every charity events concerning animal shelters and whatnots. He also volunteers in many different on his free time.

To say that he adored his furry friends is an understatement. He is devoted and passionate in taking care of his 2 dogs – Max and Kevin, and 3 tabby cats – Leona, Simba, and Khal. His continued love for his peta is his motivation in working hard on his company.

TMP Kennels has experienced more than 10 years of successful growth providing pet products to our broad customer base. We take special pride in introducing young people to the world of pet care, as well as providing work opportunities to others that want to work in a fun place close to home.

Other key assets of this business are its exceptional customer service and unparalleled pet service. Together they bring people of all ages from all walks of life to enjoy and fully participate in providing for the well-being of their pets and creating a better life for themselves.

TMP Kennels has become a social icon for people who are animal lovers. It is is now “the place to go” where one could find an unconditional friend in time of emotional difficulty and a supportive environment in times of needs.

If you have any inquiries regarding our products and services, just email us at info@TMPKennels.com.