Adoption Program

TMP Kennels Adoption Program

TMP Kennels is an advocate of good pet parenting. We know that there are incidents when pets loses their owners. As such, we aim to always find them a good 2nd home to live in.

TMP Kennels is in partnership with many shelters with a variety of pets looking for homes. You may visit animals at the shelter during our adoption viewing hours or ask about them by sending us an email at

During a visit to the shelter, you can interact with different kind of cute animal and ask staff about pet ownership responsibilities and the needs of a new pet. Just by that alone, many people reported instant connections that gave you to a stronger bond between them and the pet they’ll choose. After completing a short questionnaire, the pet may already go home with you.

Why Adopt Pets?

This is the question always asked when faced with this situation. Our only answer is, “why not?”

There are many advantages of pet adoption. Pets for one are known to relieve stress among individuals. They are believed to cultivate the sense of responsibility among children and teenagers alike. They take care of you the way you take care of them.

Adopting not only would save you money, but it would also save the lives of many animals. Of course, not all shelters could afford a larger space. If you’d get your pet from the shelter, you’ll give other pets a chance to be taken care of.

Contact us to Adopt a Pet Today

If you email us today to get a pet, we’ll help you to make the process as hassle-free as possible. We’ll help you all throughout in getting the new addition to your family.

So what are you waiting for? Email us now!