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Grow with TMP KENNELs

At TMP Kennels, you’ll have a chance to realize your passion in taking care of your furry pets. We offer various jobs that not only would keep you closer to taking care of cute, furry pets, but would also give you an extra source of income!


What is more fulfilling than surrounding yourself with the love of furry little darlings, right? With so many opportunities under one roof, you’ll be sure to find a path that inspires you. Whether you’re assisting customers on the floor, pampering pets in our salon, or training a new puppy, we’ll support you every step of the way.

Join us as we help create a better world for pets and our pet parents.


Do you have what it takes to work directly to pets? Our TMP Kennels Services give you the opportunity to be closer to them by providing them with the tender, loving care they need.

We give you the chance to develop further your talents in grooming, assisting, and even training them to be able to reach their best possible potential. We’ll even be your mentor through our Pet Academy, Instructor Accreditation Program, and Dog Trainer Courses. We’ll make you the best pet specialist any pet service provider company could ever dream of.

With TMP Kennels, you’ll even make a difference on the life of pet owners as you give them the quality time they deserve every once in a while.


With TMP Kennels, you are not just given the chance to work with pets, you could also enjoy doing field jobs as well. Join our Field Management team, and you could help provide our stores with the tools they need to create a great experience for our pets and pet parents.

We give you the opportunities to further your expertise in the field. Through your leadership, skills and, talents, we’ll give you the chance to be our partner in driving our business to the top as we also help you grow you career.

Stop hesitating. Email TMP Kennels now and be part of our growing population of pet experts.