Welcome to TMP Kennels

TMP Kennels is the biggest and most popular specialty pet retailer of services and solutions for the everyday needs of pets.

Extremely low cost products

We provide you with high quality of products you need to make your looking good 24/7. This is starting from the food they eat, vitamins, little clothes, costumes, up to the smallest essentials like the doggie brushes, toothbrush and treats.

Since we are in partnership with the biggest and most trusted suppliers in town, we share to all of you the advantage of getting everything at an extremely low price. Thus, the cheaper costs you are getting it in, compared to other pet service companies.

Dog houses? Cat cushions? No problem because we have those too. Visit our large store room anytime, and see all the product you’ll ever need for your pets. And because our store room is protected by a sturdy, durable, weather stripped, and insulated Wichita garage door, we are confident that our products are maintained to be in the best possible condition anytime.

Pampering services and grooming salon

Here at TMP Kennels, we value our little furry clients so much. As such, we ensure that they are always happy, well cared for, and always in their most perfect look.

For this, we provide a good pampering service that would put them in that condition. Such include the pet spa where they’ll receive the VIP treatment while relaxing, grooming service where we’ll cut and make their hairs and furs as shiny as possible, nail cutting, ear cleaning, among others. We also provide a nail service for your pets and hair coloring service if you want it.

So if your pets are a pageant darlings, you’re sure that they’d always be ready for that pet show on time.

We even have capable vets to attend to them if they are a little sick. They provide the necessary vaccination that keeps your pet healthy always

Best caretakers for your pets

At TMP Kennels, we love pets and we believe that they are essential ingredients that make our lives livelier and less stressful. They create a better individual from us as we connect with them. This is why, we provide them of the best service for them to enjoy.

We know that sometimes, pet owners have to have a quality time of their own. Sometimes, they need to get away to places where their furry friends are not allowed. Emergency cases could sometimes, where pet caretakers are needed to take over.

In these cases, TMP Kennels is at your beck and call. We never disappoint in your time of need. We always make sure that the service we provide to your pets while you are away are at par with your expectations.

We have many veterinarians, and passionate associates that would care for your pets 24/7. We’ll ensure that they get the usual care you give them when you are around, if not more. We’ll make sure that they are the perfect little darlings they are upon your return.

Trust us to be the only company you’ll ever need with your pet care.

For more information or inquiries, email us today at info@TMPKennels.com.